Van Vignettes: The Californian Coast (part 2)

The Californian Coast: San Francisco

Re-capping from last week, I’ve prescribed myself every Tuesday to reminisce and re-live my adVANtures road tripping through the USA. Today, we’re throwing back to a few of my favourite, eats, drinks and must-sees of San Francisco. Enjoy!



A different view of San Francisco from Dolores Park

Dolores Park serves as the perfect outdoor getaway within the city. Playgrounds, basketball courts and dog friendly areas scattered throughout the park make it a popular destination for visitors of all ages. The diversity of its visitors creates a fun atmosphere to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the beautiful views of San Francisco.

Chestnut Street

Wonder down Chestnut Street’s an eclectic variety of boutiques, cafes and restaurants and discover some of your own favourite hang outs!

Japanese Tea Gardens


Walking through the stunning Japanese Tea Gardens

Situated within Golden Gate Park, the Japanese Tea Gardens is  the oldest Japanese gardens in the US. Visitors can wonder through the immaculately kept gardens filled with Iconic Cherry Blossom trees and various Japanese native plants, spotting authentic Japanese features such as pagodas, an arch bridge and small streams beautifully landscaped within the gardens. Very well worth the $7 entry.



Forget the crowded Starbucks Cafes around Union Square and escape to Hollow. Nestled away in the suburbia of San Francisco, Hollow is a lovely inner city sanctum to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Be sure to indulge in some of their tasty sweet and savory pastries as well as their delicious cookies! 

The cutest little cafe in SF, Hollow cafe.

The cutest little cafe in SF, Hollow cafe.



A margarita fresca from Tacolicious will quench any thirst

You won’t be finding the stereotypical burrito in here! Tacolicious offers a diverse menu of authentic Mexican food with an urban and modern twist. Be sure to quench your thirst with a jug of one of their refreshing cocktail blends, the margarita fresca will satisfy any sweet tooth or for something a bit different try the spicy margarita picante.The menu incorporates new editions on a weekly basis keeping customers hungry for more. Tacolicious have four restaurants around the city at the Mission, Marina, North Beach and Palo Alto areas, be sure to check them out! You won’t be disappointed.

PS: Their tacos are fit for a president! Yes, President Barrack Obama has eaten tacos at Tacolicious. The restaurant on Chestnut Street has his photo up on the wall chowing down on one of their scrumptious tacos.

Off the Grid: Presidio

American diner-style classics, Greek, Japanese, organic ice-cream, Jewish Soul food, you name it, the Off the Grid Markets will probably have it. Basically its a foodies paradise. Each Sunday, the Off the Grid markets and its dozens of food vendors descend on the Presido.

The Off the Grid markets was founded in 2010 on the idea of bringing communities together through amazing food experiences. After four years the markets cater to a diverse range of tastes and communities, working with over 200 food vendors in various locations around the San Francisco Bay area.