Arm wrestling at the Parklands

It only seems appropriate to reflect back on the weekend on a Wednesday, it motivates you to get excited for the weekend ahead. Last weekends adventures saw me learn a lot about a sport I didn’t know really existed.

Whenever I thought of arm wrestling, I envisaged big bulky guys in bars trying to win alpha male status with brute strength. This stereotype was crushed when I met Phil Rasmussen and his team of arm wrestlers practicing for nationals at the Roma Street Parklands on Saturday. I was just enjoying a walk in the Parkland’s when I stumbled across this group of muscular guys arm wrestling…the last thing I expected to run into on my walk, and the curious journalist wondered closer to get a slice of the action.

Sensing my interest, I was approached by a guy by the name of  Phil Rassmussen, the president and founder of Arm Wrestling Australia. We had a great chat about all things arm wrestling and about how his business was born from a passion to develop the sports popularity in Australia.Fast-forward three years and the Brisbane organisation has consistently hit new heights with sponsorship deals and  a team of 20 men heading to the national championships at Conrad Jupiter on the Gold Coast on November 15.

Arm Wrestling Australia is a tight and friendly community, the guys practicing on Saturday were conversing in some healthy competitive banter and were willing to have a chat and explain technique…they even challenged me to an arm wrestle! The guys hold training sessions at each others houses on a weekly basis, creating a relaxed and laid back training atmosphere as well as taking away the performance pressure of training at a fitness facility. They also get outdoors and train at the Parklands each Saturday for a few hours… not a bad training regime!

There's more to arm wrestling than the stereotype dictates

There’s more to arm wrestling than the stereotype dictates

Phil says the sport is definitely not all about strength explaining that with the right flick of the wrist and good technique, he has seen the arms of bustling men collapse in seconds to their much smaller built opponents.

Internationally, arm wrestling has been a popular sport for over 40 years with Eastern Bloc countries such as Georgia and Russia being world leaders in the sport. Phil believes that arm wrestling should be an Olympic sport with just as many nations competing in the world arm wrestling championships as there are at the Olympics…pretty interesting fact huh?