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“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” : Online Storytelling

Today’s journalists have a plethora of online tools and software to assist in the production and reporting of news stories. But Senior Producer and Journalist for the Australian Broadcasting Commission’s (ABC) Elaine Ford… Continue reading

Definitely harder than it looks: Live Blogging

My first in-class live blogging experience has given me a new appreciation for live bloggers. Transcribing, reporting, analysing, adding commentary in various forms (tweets, Facebook posts,etc), weaving in article links to form context…all… Continue reading

News stories aren’t all about words

From learning how to create interactive maps on Google, manipulating timelines to crowd-sourcing information when developing news stories, Online Journalism has been by far the most insightful yet challenging of all the subjects… Continue reading

There’s nothing new under the sun: Live blogging

Live blogging isn’t an old concept according to Brisbane Times journalist, Natalie Bochenski. She remembers her first “live blogging” experience when interning with Brisbane’s B 105 radio station during the September 11 attacks.… Continue reading

Are you listening to digital radio?

With over a decade of experience in radio, 612 ABC Brisbane radio host, Spenser Howson gave Queenland University of Technology’s (QUT) Journalism students some food for thought on Monday about the future of radio… Continue reading

Tired of the same old news sources?

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed one day this week reading through tweets about world issues, in particular recent conflicts in the Middle East. I found a lot of the news agencies… Continue reading

Behind the times? Social media and Australian journalism

It’s no breaking news; social media’s capabilities have been utilized beyond simply being media for social interaction. Numerous industries, particularly advertising and marketing, have advanced and excelled in today’s markets by entrenching social… Continue reading